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About Beauty Riot

The story behind the making of our company

Why'd we create Beauty Riot? Uh, for you, obviously. We know that you love to have fun with your look, try a million different hairstyles and eyeshadow shades, and NEVER look just like the girl sitting next to you (soooo boring).

So what'd we do? Well, for one, we built the virtual makeover tool -- hundreds of hairstyles and makeup shades that you can play with on your actual face. Because while we're totally with you that experimenting in real life is more exciting, there are only so many hair colors a girl can go through in one night in real life (but the sky's the limit with Beauty Riot's makeover tool).

What else? We also gathered (and are constantly adding to) our celebrity hairstyle galleries. Each pic has a how-to that'll tell you exactly how to get the look and make it your own. You can find tons of new hairstyles to try -- trust us, flipping through these gets addicting.

But we didn't stop there 'cause we're definitely not slackers. We also grilled the experts -- celebrity hairstylists, makeup artists and fashion stylists -- to get the insider secrets on how they turn A-list actors from regular gals to flawless-looking glamazons. Because we think that ALL of us deserve to have the tools celebs have -- and at Beauty Riot, you get 'em.

Want more? Geez, demanding much? Totally kidding. How about fun, interactive quizzes, where you can find out everything from the right earrings for your haircut to your secret rock star crush (that you didn't even know you had)? Pretty cool, huh?

Bottom line: Beauty Riot is for you, so we hope you're loving it, and we hope you'll tell us what you think (the good and the nasty) by e-mailing us here.