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Angelina Jolie Sexy Updo

Angelina Jolie Sexy Updo
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Angelina Jolie's messy twist is super sultry for medium length hair.

1. Apply a volumizing mousse and blow dry hair using a large barreled round brush, lifting at the roots to create volume.
2. Finger brush dry hair away from forehead and to one side on the back of your head. Pin hair down to one side against scalp.
3. Take hair from the bottom and start twisting up, counterclockwise so you are twisting over the bobby pins already in place. Twist mid way up, pinning as you go.
4. Once mid-way up the twist, pull the ends (that are pointing towards the ceiling) down and tuck them into twist and secure.
5. Come back to the front of your hair and mess things up a bit with your fingers, making hair loose from your pinned twist and pulling out random pieces near your face - it will look like you just got your hair done but then rolled in the hay for an hour - super sexified.

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