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Angie Harmon Curly, Long, Sophisticated, Half Updo

Angie Harmon Curly, Long, Sophisticated, Half Updo
Angie Harmon's half updo is sophisticated without being too severe and is perfect for wavy or curly hair.

1. To start, apply a little gel and blow dry the back of your hair straight.
2. On the top section use curl enhancing spray. Then, scrunch in the curls, drying with a diffuser.
3. Loosely pull the top section of your hair back and pin.
4. To soften the look even more, put the end of a tail comb in the pulled back section and gently lift up. (But be very, very careful, you don't want to mess it all up and have to start over, so annoying.)
5. Set your style with a light hairspray.

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