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Ashley Judd Curly, Brunette Updo

Ashley Judd Curly, Brunette Updo
Ashley Judd's curly hair is great for those that want a fun, unique updo. What to do:

1. To get the look, apply a curling cream to damp hair and use a diffuser to dry completely (stay away from brushes, it's the curlier the better for this one).
2. Next, with a 1-inch curling iron, go over your somewhat-curly hair and add extra curls, and enhance the existing ones.
3. Take your hair and if you can, pull it up into a very high ponytail in the middle of your crown. At this point you should have curls spilling all around.
4. Use pins to secure curls on the top of your head. Take curls in the front that didn't make it to the ponytail and twist and pin them down as well.
5. Finally, to secure your curly 'do use a strong-hold hairspray.

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