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Beyonce Knowles Long, Curly Hairstyle

Beyonce Knowles Long, Curly Hairstyle
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Beyonce Knowles' kinky curls are totally funky and fun for girls with naturally curly hair. Get the look:

1. Wash hair with curl enhancing shampoo, making sure to massage scalp to get rid of any excess dirt and oil. Condition and comb hair in shower to get out any knots.
2. Apply gel to soaking wet hair after shower. Make sure to steer clear of any silicone serums, as they tend to build up and weigh your curls down. You want all the volume you can get with this look.
3. Let hair air dry naturally or carefully diffuse. Do not, we repeat, do not towel dry hair for any reason, unless you want massive amounts of frizz.
4. Finally, simply let those curls run free.

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