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Brittany Murphy Short, Wavy Hairstyle

Brittany Murphy Short, Wavy Hairstyle
Brittany Murphy's super-short blonde 'do is effortless (sorta) for straight hair or wavy. What to do:

1. If your hair is not naturally wavy begin by diving damp hair into small chunks and apply a curling cream to each section.
2. Use a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment and allow ends to sit in it while gently lifting dryer up and down, applying heat and creating spirals.
3. Once hair is dry, carefully create a deep side part like Murphy's with a fine comb. Please ignore all impulses to brush your curls into place; this will only turn out b.a.d.
4. Apply a bit more product like a spray gel to define a couple strands on top of your waves.

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