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Brittany Snow Sexy, Curly Hairstyle

Brittany Snow Sexy, Curly Hairstyle
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Brittany Snow's beachy waves are a perfect way for a girl with straight hair to turn up the curl. What to do:

1. The night before you want to wear this style, apply a curling mousse to your entire head of damp hair.
2. Section out 2-inch random pieces coving your entire head (depending on how much hair you have, you could have anywhere between 8 to 16 sections) With each small section, twist hair into a tiny tight bun, securing with a bobby pin.
3. Before hitting the pillow, blast little buns with heat from your dryer just to give the drying process a head start -- pun intended.
4. In the morning, let hair loose from pins, shake out curls and make a slight side part. Mist with a flexible-hold hairspray.

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