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Carmen Electra Long, Layered Hairstyle

Carmen Electra Long, Layered Hairstyle
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Carmen Electra's swingy, long look is best on straight hair with long layers. Get the look:

1. Apply lightweight gel to clean, damp hair from roots to ends.
2. Clip it into three horizontal sections (think: a three-layer birthday cake) and blow dry each section until it's dry, using a round boar-bristle brush. Curve the ends under.
3. When the top layer is 80 percent dry, start twisting the brush back as you blowdry in 2-inch sections. This creates the Farrah-like wings.
4. When dry, toss your hair around as you spray it with hairspray for a lasting, tousled look. Pretend you're on "Charlie's Angels" or a magazine photo shoot, we won't judge.

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