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Christina Aguilera Straight, Blonde, Funky Hairstyle

Christina Aguilera Straight, Blonde, Funky Hairstyle
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Christina Aguilera's straight and crimped hairstyle with red extensions is a funky choice for long, naturally straight hair. How to do it:

1. Want to add colored streaks? See your stylist for glue-in hair extensions or, for a one-time affair, try clip-ins. Make sure these will take the heat of a straightener and crimping iron. You don't want to fry them -- that would be so gross (and smelly).
2. After blow-drying, push your fingers through the top of your hair to create a messy part.
3. Next, make your hair super straight by using a straightening iron. To do this, work section by section, pulling the iron down your hair from your roots to ends.
4. Now, take a crimper (Note: Some straighteners come with replaceable crimper plates, if you want to go for an all-in-one) and make random crimps from your ears down. Then, take one small section of hair and crimp from roots to ends.
5. Finally, make one tiny little braid (anywhere on your head you feel like, keep it funky) and secure with a small clear hair elastic.

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