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Christina Aguilera Straight, Edgy Hairstyle with Highlights

Christina Aguilera Straight, Edgy Hairstyle with Highlights
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Christina Aguilera's messy, straight style works whether you're dressing up or down. How to do it:

1. To get the two-toned light and dark color, have the under layers of your hair tinted a darker shade. You can DIY, but be sure you have a friend to help.
2. Then, add magenta faux streaks -- either ones that glue in (have your hairdresser do these) or clip on. And, be sure your streaks can take the heat; some synthetic ones can't be heat styled, so you'll end up with nasty burnt plastic.
3. Now, straighten your hair with a straightener, flipping your hair out as you get to the ends.
4. Finish by putting a dab of texturizing cream on your hands and tousling through your hair to give it that sexy, messy look.

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