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Erika Christensen Curly, Blonde Hairstyle

Erika Christensen Curly, Blonde Hairstyle
Erika Christensen's spiral curls are simple to recreate on medium to long hair of any texture.

1. To start, apply a curl-enhancing mousse from roots to tips before blow drying, especially if your hair has looser waves or is on the straight side. A quick, rough blow dry is fine.
2. Section dry hair and spritz each section with a light-hold hairspray. Put down the Aqua Net, unless you want curls that crunch.
3. Wind each section around a thin-barreled (think 1-inch or less) curling iron, starting at the ends and working up. Hold the iron vertically and don't curl hair too close to your scalp (leave the top quarter of each section straight) in order to avoid searing your skin or looking like little orphan Annie.
4. Gently finger comb each section to break up and blend the ringlets. Try not to over-work or tease your hair, which can leave curls looking poodle-like.
5. Re-mist strands with a light-hold hairspray.

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