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Eva Mendes Braided, Funky Updo

Eva Mendes Braided, Funky Updo
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Eva Mendes' crown of twists, with a trailing, textured braid down the back, is an offbeat look for proms and other dressy occasions. Turn some heads with these tips:

1. To get this look, start by misting damp hair with a texturizing spray before blow drying it straight with a round brush. Don't focus too much on sleekness when you're drying, as in this case, you actually want hair to look a bit ratty and rumpled.
2. When hair is dry, gather all of it into a high ponytail and secure in place with an elastic band.
3. Next, divide the hair that's coming out of the ponytail into four sections. Twist three of the top sections a few times, winding them casually around the base of the ponytail.
4. With the lowest, remaining section, braid hair loosely and secure at the end with an elastic band before pushing the braid over one shoulder. Massage the braid a little with your fingers to give it that loose, messy style.
5. Finish by misting the top of the style with a strong hold hairspray. Don't spray the braid -- it's supposed to look messy and fall as your night wears on.

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