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Gwen Stefani Chic, Blonde, Edgy, Party Updo

Gwen Stefani Chic, Blonde, Edgy, Party Updo
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Gwen Stefani's Chic, Blonde, Edgy, Party Updo is a fun way to style your hair for a party. See how to get it:

1. To get Gwen Stefani's hairstyle, leave out a few pieces of hair around your face.
2. Using your fingers, pull the rest of your hair into a high ponytail at the top of your head. When wrapping the elastic around your pony, don't pull it all the way through. Create a loop, and secure the lop with the elastic.
3. Pull out a few strands from the bun to create a messy knot.
4. Spray your entire hairstyle with strong-hold hairspray to finish.

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