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Gwen Stefani Medium, Edgy Hairstyle with Highlights

Gwen Stefani Medium, Edgy Hairstyle with Highlights
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Gwen Stefani's punky hairstyle is rocked best by super layered, medium length hair. Get daring with these tips:

1. Use temporary hair color to give yourself some hot pink streaks. Have a friend help you if most of it will be in the back.
2. Once your color is squared away, create a deep side part to the left on damp hair. Use a comb to create a straight part.
3. Blow dry hair using a paddle brush.
4. When hair is completely dry (and not a moment sooner -- or you will seriously damage your hair) flat iron hair from root to tip flipping ends up and away from your head. Begin with the bottom layer and move up to the top layer.
5. With a maximum hold hairspray, spritz ends of hair. Hold hairspray under hair and pointing toward the ceiling for the best, flippiest results.

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