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Jennifer Aniston Long, Tousled, Sexy Hairstyle

Jennifer Aniston Long, Tousled, Sexy Hairstyle
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Jennifer Aniston's rocking her trademark straight-hair look here, but with just a hint of tousle to make it look sexy. Get the look:

1. Apply volumizer gel to damp hair and part it down the middle.
2. Using a paddle brush for even more volume, blow dry hair, using a diffuser attachment.
3. Using hot rollers, separate several strands of hair on each side and roll them in the largest sized rollers. Leave them in for only five to 10 minutes each.
4. Unroll curlers and style hair with your fingers, being careful not to overwork your hair. You want carefree sexy, not a just-got-out-of-bed look for this style.

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