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 Jennifer Lopez Brunette, Long, Straight Half Updo

 Jennifer Lopez Brunette, Long, Straight Half Updo
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Jennifer Lopez's hairdo can be done easily with a fake fall, but who has one of those lying around? Another way to do it:

1. To get this look, apply a mousse on damp hair. Separate hair into three sections: One on top and two in back. Dry hair, section by section, with a large round brush.
2. Tease the hair at your forehead, then pull the front of your hair up into a high half-ponytail. Hide the elastic by wrapping it with a section of hair from your ponytail.
3. Gently tease hair on top for volume.
4. Spray hair with a beach spray and style with your fingers
5. Pull out two small sections in front of your ears and let these hang loose.

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