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Katy Perry Medium, Tousled, Edgy, Funky, Party Hairstyle

Katy Perry Medium, Tousled, Edgy, Funky, Party Hairstyle
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Katy Perry Medium, Tousled, Edgy, Funky, Party Hairstyle is a fun way to style a bob. Here's how to steal her style:

1. To get Katy Perry's hairstyle, apply a volumizing mousse to wet hair and part your hair on the side.

2. Blow dry your hair straight with a round brush.

3. Once your hair is dry, set it with large hot rollers. Make sure to roll the hair back and away from the face.

4. After the rollers have cooled, remove them, and spray entire head with a light-hold hairspray.

5. If you didn't get that signature curl at the top of your head with the rollers, go back and use a 2-inch curling iron to recreate it. Finish with more hairspray.

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  • I actually heard Katy Perry say this. Not putting it in quotes, she said she came from a nice, family and they would sing gospel songs in the living room and what did she do, because she wanted to become a big and famous star? She made a deal with the devil. It's not my thing, but whatever rocks her boat.....The devil's paying her back now. Just look at that hair.

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