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Lindsay Lohan Blonde Updo

Lindsay Lohan Blonde Updo
Lindsay Lohan's blonde, side chignon is both classy and sexy. Steal her style:

1. Spray hair with texturizing spray and roll wide sections up to your crown with large Velcro rollers. Blast with a blow dryer for about two minutes, then finish getting ready while hair cools.
2. Take out rollers, mist with hairspray and part hair to the side.
3. Drape hair back and secure into a low, loose side ponytail, leaving out a 1-inch piece at the nape of your neck.
4. Curl the ponytail with a curling iron and tease a few strands for staying power.
5. Tie the ponytail into a knot, pinning the bun neatly into place at the nape of your neck.
6. Wrap the piece you left out over the elastic to cover it and secure the piece beneath the bun with a bobby pin. Set with hairspray.

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