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Lindsay Lohan Long, Wavy Half Updo

Lindsay Lohan Long, Wavy Half Updo
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Lindsay Lohan's sexy half updo is all about illusions. Sexify your look:

1. Set hair with large rollers and release when cool.
2. Backcomb (tease) hair at the crown and set as you go with lots of strong-hold hairspray (or if you're a sucker for time-consuming hair experiments, stick a prop in there like a Velcro roller or a Bumpit and cover with teased hair).
3. Smooth top of hair over with a brush to cover the evidence.
4. Fasten long, wavy, clip-in extensions from ear to ear. This makes it look like you still have a lot of hair once you put the other half up.
5. Leaving a few face-framing pieces out, brush sides of hair back to cover the extension clips and pin into place. (Angle bobby pins up toward the center of your head.)
6. Set with more hairspray.

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