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Lindsay Lohan Romantic, Brunette Updo

Lindsay Lohan Romantic, Brunette Updo
Lindsay Lohan's wispy low bun is perfect for date nights. Steal her look:

1. Blow dry hair straight with a round brush and apply shine serum.
2. Backcomb (tease) hair at the crown of your head and set with hairspray. Smooth the top with a comb or paddle brush.
3. Pull hair back into a ponytail at the nape of your neck, securing with an elastic and leaving out 2-inch sections (to frame your face) plus a 1-inch section of hair underneath.
4. Wrap the sections of hair that were left out of the ponytail around a one-inch curling iron.
5. Start making a bun by pulling the ponytail through the elastic -- but not all the way through. The end of the pony should be sticking out of the bun, close to your neck.
6. Wrap the section that was left out beneath the ponytail around the elastic to disguise it. Secure with a bobby pin.

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  • Poor thing, she looks more like Michael Jackson (may he RIP)

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