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Lisa Rinna Short Hairstyle with Sideswept Bangs

Lisa Rinna Short Hairstyle with Sideswept Bangs
Lisa Rinna's feathery bangs are a great way to handle over-grown fringe. To get the look:

1. Brush damp bangs into one section and spray the top and bottom of them with styling spray. Then mist the rest of your hair with the same spray.
2. Using a Mason Pearson-style brush, blow dry your bangs to the left, and the right, back and forth until they're 80 percent dry. This helps knock out any bendy-ness so they end up smooth.
3. Finish blow drying bangs in the direction you want them to end up.
4. After you've styled the rest of your hair, brush the bangs into place, finger comb 'em (to break them up), then mist allover with flexible-hold hairspray.

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