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Mandy Moore Short, Brunette, Sexy Hairstyle

Mandy Moore Short, Brunette, Sexy Hairstyle
Mandy Moore's adorable razored, short 'do is chic and sexy. Steal her style:

1. With a short cut, it's especially important that you use a styling mousse on wet hair, so that the look doesn't go flat. Working a dollop of mousse through hair before your blow dry will add volume, especially to the top.
2. Part hair to the side. Using a small round brush, blow dry small sections of the front and side under (pull brush through hair with brush under hair). For the back of hair, blow dry with brush on top of hair, which will help add volume and achieve the piecy look at the ends.
3. To finish the look, use hair wax to arrange pieces of bangs, and to sculpt ends of hair in back. Lock in place with a light-hold hairspray.

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