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Mary-Kate Olsen Long, Wavy Hairstyle

Mary-Kate Olsen Long, Wavy Hairstyle
Mary-Kate Olsen's super-long Rapunzel hair works best for thick-haired ladies looking to sneak a man up into their castle. Get the look:

1. If your hair isn't this long you might want to enlist the help of some good ol' clip-on hair extensions. Make sure you invest in some good ones though or else hair tends to look ratty.
2. The night before you want to wear this style, apply some curling mousse to wet strands.
3. Then, create one large French braid starting at you crown and going all the way down to your ends. Get your beauty sleep, princess.
4. When you wake up, before letting your braid loose, blast it with some heat from the blow dryer to make sure it is completely dry. Shake braid loose and finger comb your way into wavy perfection. Add the extensions in if needed.
5. Mist with a flexible-hold hairspray.

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