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Mena Suvari Short, Wavy Bob

Mena Suvari Short, Wavy Bob
Mena Suvari's messy, just-outta-bed bob spells f-u-n-k-y. Wear with caution. If you dare:

1. Coat hair with thickening spray and give it a "rough blow dry" with your fingers, pulling up at the roots to get a little lift at the crown of your head. (To get Mena's backswept bangs, use a small round brush to blow dry them to the side, flipping outward at the ends.)
2. Rub a dime-sized bit of texturizing pomade between palms and work random strands together, curling them around your fingers, etc. (Here's your chance to be artistic.)
3. Fluff your disheveled 'do with fingers and mist with hairspray.

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