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Michelle Williams Blonde Updo

Michelle Williams Blonde Updo
Michelle Williams Blonde Updo
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Michelle Williams gets her bohemian on with this braided bun. To steal her style:

1. Start with wavy, blow dried hair. (Sleep in braids if your hair is straight, then undo.)
2. Tease roots at the crown and spray with volumizer for lift.
3. Leaving out front section (including bangs and strands that will frame your face), loosely braid one side of your hair back toward the nape of your neck and secure with an elastic -- any kind.
4. Repeat on the other side.
5. Join the braids and wrap them into a bun, tucking ends under to hide the elastics. Pin into place. (If your hair isn't long enough to make a bun, cross the ends up and into the opposite braid, the pin them so the ends are hidden. Set with hairspray.

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  • She is so pretty that the hair doesn't matter. But I think this is her most feminine style.

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