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Mila Kunis Long, Straight, Sophisticated, Chic Hairstyle

Mila Kunis Long, Straight, Sophisticated, Chic Hairstyle
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Mila Kunis Long, Straight, Sophisticated, Chic Hairstyle is great for a formal occasion. Here's how to get her look:

1. To get Mila Kunis' hairstyle, apply a straightening cream to wet hair. Part your hair in the middle.
2. Blow dry your hair straight using a paddle brush.
3. Finally, go over all your hair with a flat iron.
4. Finish by misting hair with a shine spray.

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  • I like Natalie Portman's hair straight and layered. Her face is fuller,but that kind of hair style -kind of- suits everyone. Portman isn't afraid to wear a variety of hair styles. What are hair do's? Hit and miss;and when you find one that works, well, you stick with it. I usually see Milo with it longer, straight. Once in a while the ends are curled, but the hair is still long. Pulled back, she looks great, but you always have to do something with those bangs, if you can't pull them back. I choose Portman, because she has a variety of styles;more of a variety than Milo. They are both great looking gals, they have the 'glam squad' behind them,so the only thing they really have to worry about is, trusting the 'glam squads' judgement.(spelt correctly with or without the 'e').As for getting the long, straight look like Milo - if you have curly hair, you best seperate your hair into strands. Hold the hair back with a clip, cream out your one strand and yes, that paddle brush will give absolutely no lift. Put your blo-dryer on lowest setting and do this with every strand. Find out what size strand works best;usually the smaller, the better. Garnier anti-frizz creme is very good. If you have naturally straight hair, it works great in humidity (NYC is known for great, hot, humid days), keeping virtually no frizz all day. Girls, if you have a heavy, head of hair 1) start early, you will need time going strand by strand. 2) you might get better results if your hair is a little dirty. Not product dirty, but hair holds everything better when it's dirty. 3) try doing it the night before or the day before, then in the morning you'll have a much easier and shorter time styling 4)PRACTICE. Find the easiest and best way for you to achieve this look or any look. Let me TRY to make a small note on the flip side. The back of your hair. Flip your head and hair over. Take a mousse ( I like Sami yello and Garnier). Work it thru the the back, underside of your hair, which is now the front and use the paddle brush, Brush the mousse through your hair first, so there are no tangles. If you can do big sections, to work the hair out first, then go for that. Then, you gotta do the strand thing. If you can sit down and do it bent over, well and good. If you can do it standing and seperating the hair into strands, well and good. Just find out what works for you and depending on the kind of hair you have, it takes longer to do than it does to read! Always have a good hair day!!!!

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