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Miley Cyrus Chic, Brunette Ponytail with Highlights

Miley Cyrus Chic, Brunette Ponytail with Highlights
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Miley Cyrus' Chic, Brunette Ponytail with Highlights is an edgy way to style dirty hair. See how to get the look:

1. To get Miley Cyrus' hairstyle, start with second day hair -- it'll have more texture. Use a teasing comb to tease hair at the crown of your head for extra volume.
2. Gather your hair loosely at the back of your head, and twist it into a messy bun. Secure it with an elastic.
3. Tug at the top of your hair to loosen it up a bit for an edgier feel.
4. Mist all over with strong-hold hairspray to finish.

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  • Thank the heavens this was not done in my shop. Someone would be hitting the door and I mean quickly heading over for an all expense paid trip for continuing education. I am feeling very saddened by the stylist behind this as many years as I have been doing this I'm consistently given the impression this person is burnt out, not at all focused on the job at hand and needs a break to re-group as I also see plenty of creative potential through the disaster. Just a few pieces puled down, even with just a little bit of a curl would have at least brought something to this far tooo old look for Miley. Thank goodness she shines through reguardless, otherwise this train wreck has got to go unrepeated. PLEASE SAVE MILEY!!!!

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