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Miley Cyrus Long, Brunette Hairstyle

Miley Cyrus Long, Brunette Hairstyle
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Miley Cyrus' Long, Brunette Hairstyle looks so gorgeous on long hear. Steal her style:

1. To get Miley Cyrus' hairstyle, part your hair slightly to the side.
2. Apply smoothing cream to damp hair and blow dry straight using a round brush.
3. Wrap small sections of hair around a 1 1/2-inch curling iron to get piece-y waves.
4. Finger comb through your waves and mist them with lightweight hairspray to finish.

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  • Finally! This look is put together impeccably from head to well-waist. The make-up enhances her natural peachy complexion, looks natural even with the smoky eyes that just ooze sex appeal. Her hair color is right on point, evey hair in place the sides wept away from her face bring out her great bone structure, nd bada-bing-there's that trademark beautimark that is MILEY all the way. Thanks to whomever pulled this off..someone's got thier groove back or perhaps someone got a new set of eyes to step in to show 'em how its done. keep up the impeccable work whoever you are. You're right on point and I cannot find not even one problem with everything. Not over-done or undrdone. The out fit just adds more to Miley's personal enhancement! Kudos to this stylist for a job well done. She's red-carpet ready!

  • Someone's got thier groove back! Hooray! Now this is absolutely flattering in EVERY aspect: Make-up, The integration of the outswept sides brings out her wonderful bone structure, smile and the afformentioned critique's missing beauty mark is shing through. Personal enhancement, encompasses the entire package. just one wrong move with the wrong color for example could easily trash this impeccable design. Everything falls together here perfectly; from the variations in dinmensional colors chosen enhance her natural skin tone. The cut

  • i love love love her hair!!!

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