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Miley Cyrus Long, Wavy Hairstyle

Miley Cyrus Long, Wavy Hairstyle
Miley Cyrus Long, Wavy Hairstyle
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Miley Cyrus' sexy waves are a hassle-free style for girls with long hair. Get the look:

1. Immediately after showering, apply a texturing product and comb through wet hair.
2. Part hair in two sections and create two long, loose braids.
3. After your hair dries, take out the braids and finger comb to loosen the waves.
4. Use a texturizing spray all over and use your fingers to scrunch hair.

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  • A bit stiff looking. Not you Miley-the hair! A bit messy even for a tousled look. Otherwise, color-check. This time however she could have used a tad bit of up-play on her lips as well as a little mor attention to her coloring. It appears that perhaps one side of her face is missing a tiny splah of color to match the other side?! I guess people get into a funk of complacency and just rush through. My take: "If you're not going to be able to do your job well in a rush and under pressure...walk away. Miley is always smiling regurdless but I think she deseves a bit more focus and attention to detail that is becoming more redundant than not. SAD!

  • you have really nice hair.

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