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Miley Cyrus Romantic Updo for Prom

Miley Cyrus Romantic Updo for Prom
Getty Images 
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Miley Cyrus' pretty updo is soft and romantic. See how to get the look:

1. Apply a volumizing cream to damp roots, flip your hair over and blow dry. Once your hair is dry, use a comb to tease the top and sides for volume.
2. Pull your hair back loosely, making sure to leave lots of volume at the top. Tie it into a messy bun, letting the ends stick out.
3. Mist your hair with hairspray. You can gently tug at your bun from both sides throughout the night to keep it nice and big.

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  • OMG! Granny is back! What is wrong with this picture? Shes got the shy high front that makes her look as if she's either a throw-back from the 80's or she ran front-faced, smack dab into a door jam! The back is the same ol triist most women put a clip in to keep thier hair out of thier face while scrubbing floors or doing laundry. What are thes people ON anyway?! There are numerous posibilities that if takenthe time to think it out, (IF THEY EVEN CARED TO DO SO), could have made this a realistic romantic look. The sole thing that was okay is the make-up, the rest can go directly under a more flattering HAT!

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