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Rihanna Short, Edgy, Red Hairstyle

Rihanna Short, Edgy, Red Hairstyle
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Rihanna's bright hairstyle is a daring choice (and looks great on any hair color). See how to get the look:

1. If you're not ready to commit to such a bold cut, just use styling gel to slick the back of your hair into a bun and leave out a section of hair at the top.
2. Front comb the top section hair across your forehead. If it's too long, sweep it across and use bobby pins to pin it down behind your ear.
3. Mist your hair with strong-hold hairspray to keep it securely in place.

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  • In fact, this is even a bad wig

  • Rihanna wears wigs. Anyone can!!!! What's the big deal?

  • جالبه خیلی دوستتان داریم!