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Scarlett Johansson Long, Curly, Blonde Hairstyle

Scarlett Johansson Long, Curly, Blonde Hairstyle
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Scarlett Johansson's long, blonde, curly locks are perfect for a sexy date night. To get the look:

1. First, apply an anti-frizz serum and blow dry hair straight with a paddle brush. It doesn't have to be perfect, though -- so don't spend too much time on this step.
2. Then, take a 1-inch curling iron and curl your hair, but stop at your cheekbone. That's because you want your hair to be straight from your roots to your cheeks. Curl all your hair in the same direction (twirling toward your face), so you get uniform waves.
3. Once all your hair is curled, comb over the straight portions to get it sleek and smooth, and mist your hair with a holding spray.
4. Sweep your hair to one side to finish the look.

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