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Tara Reid's Long, Chic, Blonde, Ponytail Hairstyle

Tara Reid's Long, Chic, Blonde, Ponytail Hairstyle
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Tara Reid's Long, Chic, Blonde, Ponytail Hairstyle is super sleek without being too stiff. To steal her style:

1. To get Tara Reid's hairstyle, part damp hair to the left and apply a smoothing serum.

2. Dry hair completely with a large round brush, keeping ends as straight as possible.

3. When hair is dry, secure ponytail in middle of the back of your head with an elastic.

4. To hide the hair band, wrap a 1-inch section repeatedly around ponytail. Secure with bobby pin.

5. If necessary, flat iron ends of hair for extra smoothness. Apply finishing spray for continuous hold.

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  • Tara knows how to pull off the add-on pony tails, she wears the often and as a 22 yr hairdreser myself this was put together very well and it inly take a minute however the person working with her to achieve this look or any other for thjat matter needs to be on cue. Some of the work I've seen here today is humiliating to ALL stylists as first impressions go a long way nd inadvertenly a sloppy uncaring designer gives us all a bad name. Shame on you slackers! This is what a true pony looks like!

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