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Fashion Articles

  • Worst Fashion Moment of 2011?

    Cringe worthy fashion moments? Just think, if you were a celeb, it would be splashed all over the Internet for the whole world to judge. Kind of like what we're about to do ...

  • 10 Must-Have Winter Accessories

    Forget your ratty old scarf and gloves. We've got the 10 items you really need to survive winter in style

  • Real Girls Wear: Holiday Party Looks

    The holidays are here, which means LOTS of parties. Yay! But what to wear? Hmmm ... How about one of these looks from our favorite fashion bloggers? Perfect

  • 20 Worst Christmas Sweaters Ever

    Can the hideous Christmas sweater your Great Aunt Millie gave you top the ones on this list?

  • What Guys Think of Your Shoes

    Do men even notice your feet? Yep, they do -- and they've got a lot to say about them

  • What Stylish Girls Are Buying

    We spent an entire afternoon running after girls with shopping bags. Why? So they could show us their favorite street style fashion buys -- and give out their best outfit ideas

  • How to Mix and Match Prints

    Leopard print + polka dots = totally in. And if you do it right, you can pull it off without looking like you got dressed in the dark

  • Quiz: What Accessory Are You?

    We all have a favorite accessory, but did you know you have a personality accessory? Yup -- an accessory that sums up you and your style. Take this personality quiz to find out more

  • We Test & Rate Online Fashion Clubs

    Exclusive shopping clubs and fashion rental sites are all the rage these days. But are they worth your hard-earned cash? You might be surprised ...

  • Real Girls Wear: Colored Jeans

    Blue jeans: over 'em. What to try now: non-blue jeans. Our fave fashion bloggers show us how to wear the colored jean trend

  • Best Jacket for Your Body Type

    Put down that sleeping bag puffer coat! Say buh-bye to the bum look and get a crisp weather jacket that actually flatters your body type. It's easy if you follow these tips

  • What Your Bra Says About You

    They're the windows to your chest -- er, personality -- but wait until you see what your bra style reveals

  • Best Boots for Your Body Type

    Want a boot that makes you look thinner, sexier, and all around hotter? Um, who doesn't? The trick to getting it: finding the one that works best for your body type

  • 15 Ways to Hide the Freshman 15

    Ah ... the infamous Freshman 15. It creeps up without warning, and suddenly those skinny jeans are just a bit too skinny. Here's how to hide those extra pounds

  • 17 Costumes You've Never Seen

    Think there are no original Halloween costumes left? You couldn't be more wrong ...

  • Best and Worst Vintage Buys

    Shopping vintage is a great way to save money on one of a kind looks. But not everything out there is worth your cash. Here's what to buy and what to avoid ...

  • What Your Undies Say About You

    Thongs, briefs, boyshorts ... what you wear down there might say a lot more about you than you think

  • Ultimate Fall Trends Guide

    We took the guesswork out of all the fall fashion, hair, and makeup trends -- and put together four looks you'll love

  • VMAs: Fully Covered to Nearly Naked

    See the celebs at the 2011 MTV VMAs progress from full-coverage gowns to barely there shorts -- what were they thinking?

  • Fall Style: 5 DIY Accessories

    Want something fun for the new school year? Here's how to turn heads without spending a fortune