Quiz: What’s Your Body Type?

If you've ever been confused about what shape your body is (join the club), you'll finally be able to find out with this helpful quiz

Let me guess — you’re sick of people calling you hourglass, apple or pear-shaped when you have no idea what that even means.

I totally feel the same way. First of all, comparing me to a fruit? Really? Second of all, I’ve had multiple people come up to me in the same day and tell me I was a variety of different shapes. Tell me it’s not possible to be two shapes (fruit or not) at once.

In order to find out — once and for all — what my body shape really is, I talked to Stephanie Prommer, fashion editor and stylist, and Aly Scott, founder of StyleChic, to settle this frustration of trying to figure out your body type.

Contrary to what you probably thought, your body shape has little to do with how tall or short you are. That’s because there are many different combinations of height and shape. For example, Scott says she has “clients who are categorized as a round body shape, but they range from being short to large,” Scott says. And “you can be petite and very proportional, or petite and pear-shaped, for example,” Prommer says. Wow. No wonder people were so confused.

Well, our experts are here to help you figure out where you fall within the five main body shapes: ruler, hourglass, pear, cone or apple. By taking this quiz, you’ll understand what shape you are and why. You’ll also see which popular celebrities match your exact result, and you’ll even get expert tips on how to dress your body type.

So what are you waiting for? Answer the first question below to begin.

The Quiz

  • Kylee

    On some of these questions there really wasn’t a correct answer for me for example on question three I didn’t know what to choose because I’ve got pretty proportional shoulders and hips my legs are pretty regular (a bit muscular though) a tiny waist but I also have tiny boobs.

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    This is so true! I have always had a really short waist; it starts really high and even though I’m not completely developed yet; I’m only 12, I do have a big bust. My stomach is also not very flat however, it is still pretty flat. I do not have a big butt at all!

  • Rachel Jones

    Every other quiz on the internet will say I’m a pear shape. But my shoulders are a couple of inches wider than my hips. Because of that, pear rules don’t apply to me. Wearing things that draw attention up make me look like a line backer.

  • Penelope

    I’ve been sort of confused about my body shape because I have a decently sized bust (39 in), and my hips are pretty large too (37 in). I’m pretty proportional, but I don’t have a small waist, it’s only about 31 in and when i look at myself straight on I don’t see a prevalent hourglass shape, more of a rectangle where my body curves in a tiny bit. But, as I said, my bust is fairly large and my legs are not small, (Thighs are 23.5in) as I’m a swimmer who has lots of muscle. Anywho, I suppose I’ll just play it out as a rectanglass for the time being, but I’m curious if any other women have this dilemma or know what body shape I would qualify as, as question 3 of this quiz has me all in a tizzy. c;


    • Wynnter

      I’d say your more of a column since your hips,bust and waist are almost the same

    • Pony Boy

      no, this is where cup size comes in, and also the direction that youre facing, since your bust (teeheehehehee i said bust. that was cool) is above avg, but you cant really see that while facing you because it appears to be proportioned to your waist. but when you turn sideways, depending on your cup size, it is visibly more distinguishable from your waist, and the “rectangle” is no longer the applicable comparison. and not only overall height absolutely makes a difference, but the distance between each body part too. i cant find a true and accurate body type meter anywhere, and without that, people outside the “standard sizes” can have a tough time selecting clothing online (or even at the store, without trying it on)

    • Alisha

      I’m like you. I have broad shoulders, a good chest and hip with a good butt as well but my thighs are large (muscle) and my waist is not small. It curves in slightly but not very dramatically maybe it’s because I have a shorter torso (I’m 5’0)?? For me I typically go towards things recommended for hourglass figures

  • Jessica

    um what
    Its been confirmed to me that i am for sure an hourglass and skinny figure
    and yet it get an apple… what

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    This quiz is really inaccurate in a lot of ways. Questions like what our favorite celebrity is doesn’t help to classify our body type as someone with, for example, a pear shape could want the body of a celebrity with an hourglass figure. And asking us what our go-to outfit is doesn’t necessarily define anything because someone could be wearing clothing that isn’t ideal for their body type without knowing it. We don’t all have an instinctive sense of which clothing is right for our body, that’s often one of the reasons we took this quiz in the first place.

  • Gitte Van de velde

    My shoulders are quite wide – 90 cm – my bust ir simply proportional for my overall very skinny frame (but at the big side, definitely. It wouldn’t hurt if they’d be smaller. Measurement: 82 cm) and my waist is very thin (58 cm) then there my butt/hips, which are 86 cm. Based on this, I guess I’m just some kidn of still under-developed skinny hourglass (I’m a teen, after all, maybe my butt and boobs will still get bigger and make me more hourglassy) but I tend to put on the most weight in my butt. As in, I lost a lot of weight a few years ago, which made my shoulders and collarbones very bony and my wiast very thin, but my butt’s still the same. Based on my shoulders, I’m an inverted triangle. Based on all, hourglass. Based on where I put my weight, pear…Kind of confusing.

  • Jerra Davis (purple peacock)

    I have an apple shape whatever that is for a 14 year old

  • tracy

    Hour glass but sometimes I think I am mixed with a pear shape as well

    • Manahel Hamdard