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Celebrity Shoe Match Game

You can find some of the most beautiful (and crazy!) high heels on the red carpet. But can you guess which celebs wore them?

Do you daydream about heels? Are you more shoe-obsessed than Carrie Bradshaw? Can you spot a Louboutin a mile away -- and not just by its red sole? If so, we've got a challenge for you. It's called the celebrity shoe match game, and we want to know how well you can these pair these A-listers to their heels.

We didn't pick any plain pumps for this game. Nope, we picked the most fabulous -- and in some cases the craziest -- shoes from this year. (Heels with tailpipe lights, ring a bell?) We also got the designer info, in case you need to own one of these celebrity shoe options. And if this still sounds easy-peasy for all you shoe lovers, consider how many ah-mazing shoes the stars get to wear: Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, Brian Atwood ... the list goes on. You may want to rethink your shoe I.Q.

And if shoes aren't your thing, but you're still looking for a fun time, check out the celebrity tattoo match game, or the celebrity hairstyle match game.

... But back to the celebrity shoes. Ready to get started? Here's your first question:

by Alexis Finc
Question 1 of 20

Which celeb wore these green and white colorblocked heels?

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