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Cut/Earring Combos: Find Yours

Take this quiz to see what haircut and earring styles are perfect for you

OK, go with us on this one. Two things can totally transform your look, and we think you should take our advice and let yourself be made over. What are those two things? Your haircut and your earrings.

Yeah, yeah, we know what you're thinking -- haircut, sure, but earrings? Seriously? Yes, we're for reals. Alone these two can impart some significant change, but together, we're talking serious, who's-that-girl?, you-look-so-different, amazing makeover.

So now that you're convinced of the power of the perfect haircut/earrings duo (you are convinced, right? don't be difficult) now you need to find the right combo for your style. Luckily for you, we've put together this quiz to give you just that. Answer a few questions and you'll be heading to the salon/jewelry store armed with the info to take your look from "meh" to "ka-pow."

And before you can even say it, no, we did not pull these combos out of our as---, er, own heads. We talked to celebrity stylist Cassey Sawhill for the expert scoop on the right jewelry for you. She's got the goods, and we stole (or as we like to say, borrowed) them for you, before you even knew you wanted them. You're welcome.

Image: Getty Images

by Gigi Hooghkirk
Cut/Earring Combos: Find Yours
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A friend asks you if you want to go out next Saturday. What's your response?

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