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What Does Your Closet Need?

This quiz will reveal what your style is lacking and what essentials you should add to your closet -- stat

Friends betray you. Boyfriends dump you. Bosses fire you. Who can a girl turn to in times of need? The answer, my friend, is sitting right in your room. No, not the diary or journal you keep under your bed that you will eventually throw away. We're talking about ... your closet.

Surprised? You shouldn't be. Think of all the times your closet has been there for you. It was there for your first kiss in junior high (seven minutes in heaven, anyone?). It stayed up all night with you when you were obsessing over what to wear on your first day of high school. It even saw you through your first professional job interview (which you totally tanked, but hey, that's not the closet's fault).

So now, it's your turn to help out a friend in need. Your closet wants to be your confidante and style booster, but you have to give it something to work with. If you don't know where to begin, this quiz will totally help you straighten out your cluttered closet (and clear out some skeletons along the way). Just answer a few questions about your lifestyle and fashion sense, and you'll discover what essentials your wardrobe is lacking and get tips on what trends to add to your stash.

And what better way to repay your closet's loyalty than with tons of new, fabulous clothes? Talk about a closet's dream come true. You might not have matching friendship bracelets, but your closet's transformation and your style upgrade will be the best proof of the bond you two share. So take the quiz and start building on that lasting friendship that nothing can break apart. Not even a boy.

by Jane Chung
What Does Your Closet Need?
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