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Face Shape Flattering Shades

Take this quiz and find the sunglasses that'll make you look your sexiest

Question: Did you buy your current sunglasses because:
a. They were on sale.
b. They're mirrored, so you can spy on people without them knowing.
c. They match your bathing suit, car or purse.
d. They perfectly flatter your face shape and make you look totally glam.

Well, we've got a little news flash for you. Unless you picked "d" as your answer, you need a new pair of sunglasses, because those other reasons just don't cut it. Now that it's summer, you'll be wearing them a lot, so you definitely need a pair that will flatter your face shape and make you look your absolute hottest. (If you're not sure what your face shape is, take this quiz.)

What can the right pair of sunglasses do for your face shape? How about balance any sharp square angels, or add some to round faces, or even make your face look thinner, smaller, wider, whatever. Basically, the right pair of sunglasses can totally transform your face shape. So now you just need to get the right pair of sunglasses -- and that's where this quiz comes in.

We've found the hottest new sunglasses that'll work with each and every face shape. Some glasses are super trendy (but others are classic enough to last more than one season) and yes, they'll all match your bathing suit, car, purse, whatever you want. So find your face shape, find your perfect pair and you'll be cruising in style all summer long. And if you need help with some other summer essentials, like the perfect beach bag or a new hairstyle, we've got those too.

by Sarah Carrillo
Face Shape Flattering Shades
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