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What Ridiculous Trend Are You?

Take this quiz to see what random fashion craze has your personality written all over it

You've played the game: If you were an animal/ice cream flavor/whatever, what would you be? (Chunky monkey all the way for me ... for both actually ... but please don't ask why, it's a looooong story that most certainly does not involve an unfortunate incident with a banana at all, no way, of course not.)

Now it's time to play again, but this time with fashion. Not the staples, no little black dress girls or peep-toe heel gals, we're talking the of-the-moment, blink-and-you'll-miss-'em trends. You know, the fun ones.

So which fashion trend most represents you? Depends. On your personality, your lifestyle, your je ne se quoi, if you will. That's why you gotta take this quiz. Tell us a little about yourself and we'll spill which trend is so you, and give you some tips to wear it without looking like a tragic wannabe.

So start now and play the game with your friends too. Just don't mercilessly mock the one who ends up with granny-chic as her signature fashion trend, OK? Well, actually, that is pretty lame, permission to mock granted.

by Audrey Fine
What Ridiculous Trend Are You?
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