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What's Your Fashion Era Personality?

Ever feel like the clothing of today just isn't you? Take this quiz to find which fashion era suits your personality.

Setting: A park in your neighborhood. Sunny and warm. A good day for a stroll.

Us: Excuse me. Would you like to try our fashion time travel machine?

You: Huh? (Hesitantly) Is that like a regular time machine?

Us: Sort of. But instead of going back and messing with the time/space continuum, we check out all the fabulous fashion history has given us, like drop-waist dresses, flared jeans, sequined leotards ... even the shoulder pad.

You: No. Not the shoulder pad!

Us: Sorry to break it to ya, but it did happen -- along with women's power suits. However, we promise the '80s weren't entirely bad. So what do ya say?

You: Hmm, I'm not sure. What's in it for me?

Us: Have you ever felt as if you belong in a different fashion era? One without skinny jeans?

You: Sure. Hasn't everyone?

Us: Well, then. What are you waiting for? Hop right in. Watch your step. Together we'll travel through time to find your ultimate fashion era and help you embrace your fashion past. We'll just need to ask you a few questions.

You: OK. What kind of questions?

Us: Well ...

by Alexis Finc
What's Your Fashion Era Personality?
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