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Try on the latest and hottest celebrity virtual hairstyles:

Free Virtual Makeover Tool

Ever wondered what you'd look like with Ashlee Simpson's shag or Katie Holmes' bob? Well now, with this virtual makeover tool, you don't have to awkwardly stand at the mirror with bobby pins trying to make it work (busted).

Instead, just upload a photo of yourself on our virtual hairstyles tool and try on tons of celebrity hairstyles. Who knows, maybe blonde (or even pink?) highlights would look fan-freaking-tastic on you. We're not spilling, you'll just have to try our virtual hairstyles.

Play with hundreds of makeup shades on your own face -- without making a mess or dropping cash on new makeup:

Our instant makeup makeover tool lets you try on real makeup (not just boring, generic colors) so you can see what Nars Orgasm blush or CoverGirl Navy eyeshadow looks like on before you buy it.

Say goodbye to the days of buying makeup that you end up hating and leaving at the bottom of your drawer gathering dust (seriously, who needs that?). From now on, you'll be a super-savvy shopping maven with this virtual makeup makeover.

Start having a blast fast:

All you have to do is upload a photo, follow our easy step-by-step set up and you're on your way to makeup makeover heaven. What could be easier than that? (Answer: nada, nothing, zip, just in case that wasn't totally obvious.)

Save tons of money with our virtual makeover tool:

No more unfortunate haircuts, thought-I'd-love-it-but-hate-it makeup buys and most importantly, no throwing away cash on other virtual hairstyles or makeup makeovers. Why pay for a membership on another site when you can get this virtual makeover tool for FREE?

You'd be nuts not to try it, and since we know you're totally sane(ish), we know you're starting your instant virtual makeover now, right? Right? That's what we thought.

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