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Bangs: Should You Get Them?

Definitely. This quiz will tell you which bangs style is perfectly "you"

Bangs. They looked killer on Heidi Klum. You're obsessed with Taylor Momsen's. You hit pause on TiVo any time Anne Hathaway's on.

Before you reach for those scissors and hack off bangs for yourself, control your impulsive side and take this quiz. You'll figure out exactly what bangs will work best with your overall style -- and you won't have a repeat of your regrettable snap-decision Rihanna haircut. Yeah, yeah, we know, it sounded like a good idea at the time ... But maybe you should take a minute (or a quiz) before your next big, life-altering cut, just to be sure.

Once you do commit to bangs, keep these important tips in mind:

1. You'll need to trim often, so invest in your own pair of hair cutting scissors.
2. You'll need to become a pro at both blow drying them, and using bobby pins or headbands to get rid of them when they just won't work (trust us, it happens way too often).
3. Bangs bring your amazing eyes and face front and center, so get used to people staring -- fun and confidence-boosting, but a little creepy too.

Image: Getty Images

by Robin Immerman Gruen
Bangs: Should You Get Them?
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How often do you get your hair cut?

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