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Best Brushes: Find Yours Here

Do you know which brush will keep you from being a tangled mess? Take our quiz to find out

Do you have a bathroom drawer crammed full of everything from a tiny round brush to a giant paddle number? Or maybe you're trying to make all your styles work with just the one vent brush (good luck with that).

It's time you found the right brush for your hairstyle. It'll save you time, drawer space and frustration -- no more trying to curl your bangs with a flat brush or slamming an over-stuffed drawer closed when you're already 15 minutes late.

So how do you find the right brush? Depends. On your hair type, length, and texture, not to mention your patience level and desired look. Plus, once you find the right brush, you need to know how to use it. We don't need a repeat of the round brush permanently lodged in hair scenario. (Or was that just us? We can't be the only ones this klutzy.)

To get all this info, just take the quiz. A few quick questions and you'll find the exact brush you need -- and how to use it (which'll save you a ton of time in the morning). Ahhh, you can hear the snooze button being blissfully pressed already...

by Kimberly Potts
Best Brushes: Find Yours Here
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If someone timed your get-ready-for-the-day routine, what would you clock in at?

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