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What Your Hair Says About You

Take this quiz to reveal what your haircut is telling everyone around you -- for better or worse

You know yourself -- your personality quirks, your likes and dislikes, all those crazy things that make you tick. But did you know that other people can pick up a lot of those things -- just by looking at your haircut?

Yep, it's totally true, and I bet you've done it too. You've seen the girl with the meticulously cut, sleek bob and imagined her pristinely organized closet and desk with everything arranged in parallel lines, haven't you? Or the girl with a mess of curls and figured she must be a crazy partier.

Of course, these things aren't always true, but the bottom line is we all make assumptions on people based on how they look -- especially their hair. So what's yours saying about you?

That's what this quiz will tell you. Answer a few questions about your haircut and we'll tell you what the world is thinking as you flip your hair over your shoulder. It might shock you, or it might be exactly what you're really like -- only one way to find out.

And just in case you thought we made all this up, we asked hairstylists Krissy Smith from Alexander for Hair Salon in Los Angeles and Dean Banowetz, celebrity hairstylist for Bosley Professional Hair Products, for their expert opinions on the matter. After all, hairstylists are the ones who see as all in the salon chair, spend an hour talking with us (I know I tell my stylist everything, I bet you do too), so if anyone can match up personalities with hairstyles, it's these guys. So start answering questions below and see what they say about your haircut.

by Sarah Carrillo
What Your Hair Says About You
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When was the last time you got a haircut?

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