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Is Your Hair the Wrong Color?

Were you destined to be a blonde? Or maybe red is your true-hue? Find out what shade is meant for you with this quiz

Ever wondered why your hair is mousy brown when you're anything but? Seriously, what if our strands could take a cue from our personality and auto-dye to a matching shade? What color would yours be?

Before you take a guess and head to the sink with a box of hot pink hair color or to the salon for some major dyeing, maybe you should find out which hair color shade is really right for you. Not only will you save yourself some time and cash, but you also won't have to deal with totally fried hair. Too many boxes of hair color or bottles of bleach and you're hair will look more Courtney Love or Lindsay Lohan than Kate Hudson or Ashlee Simpson. Trust us, rehab-chic is not a trend you want to be starting.

So take this quiz to see whether your hair color is doing your persona any favors or if you should get your butt into a stylist's chair, pronto. And once you do take the dye plunge, make sure you follow up with products made for color-treated hair, OK? Like we said, you don't want to try and rock the frizzy straw look, we don't even want to know what personality that matches up with (pretty sure it rhymes with dazy or minsane though).

Image: Getty Images

by Audrey Fine
Is Your Hair the Wrong Color?
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