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Hairstyle for Long, Thick Hair: Kate Middleton

If you're looking for a hairstyle for long, thick hair, there's no better role model than Duchess Kate

Hairstyle for Long, Thick Hair: Kate Middleton
As if we didn't already covet her crown, the fact that it sits upon a head of luscious, long, thick hair is almost too much to handle. If you'd like your hair to be crown-worthy, try Kate Middleton's hairstyle for long, thick hair.

The Duchess' hair is all one length. This hairstyle works best for thick hair because otherwise the ends can look stringy and unhealthy. To style your hair like Kate's, start by taking care of your hair. Kate is known for her shine, so make sure you deep condition your hair once a week to keep it healthy. Getting frequent trims will keep split ends at bay, a definite no-no for royal heads. Take the How Damaged is Your Hair? quiz to find out how to remedy your damaged hair.

For Kate's bounce and curl, begin by using a frizz or smoothing serum on damp hair. Use a round brush (preferably a ceramic ion brush to minimize damage) to blow dry hair. Next, plug in a two-inch curling iron with a clamp. Roll up small sections of the hair, holding the curling iron horizontally.

This hairstyle for long, thick hair works on almost all face types, with long faces being the one exception. Because the hair is all one length, it has the potential to make long faces look even longer. If you're still coveting Kate's style, just add a few face framing layers to break things up.

This hairstyle for long, thick hair will make you look like a princess, whether you have a crown to wear or not. For more Kate Middleton hairstyle tips, check out our gallery.

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