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Highlighting Kit Tips

Highlighting kits can be a godsend for DIY beauty babes

Highlighting Kit Tips
If you want to try going blonde this summer, a highlighting kit could be the (budget-friendly) answer to your prayers.

The greatest fear with at-home highlighting jobs seems to be the dreaded orange hair effect. Choose a product with bleach in it to make sure your highlights come out blonde and not brassy. Find the best highlights for your hair based on advice from a pro.

First, you'll want to straighten your hair to make the process a little easier. Depending on what kit you choose, you may have to pull your hair through a cap before painting the highlighter solution on, and straight hair will make this process a lot easier. Whether you're using a cap or a brush to paint them on, make sure you part your hair as you normally would so you get the best coverage.

Highlights and bleach strip the hair, which makes it prone to damage. Make sure you condition your hair with a deep-conditioning treatment once a week to repair your hair.


Blonde hair can fade or turn brassy over time, especially with sun exposure. Wear a hat to protect your hair, or spray them with a hair sunscreen (yes, that exists). Salt water and chlorine also damage hair, so rinse your hair before and after any water activities.

Highlights at a salon will run you well over $100. Compare that to the Revlon Frost & Glow Highlighting Kit, at $5-7, and the choice seems pretty clear. If you're still on the fence about highlights, use our free instant virtual makeover tool to envision the new you.

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