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Match Game: Celeb Hairstyles

Take this quiz and test your star smarts: think you know whose faces these famous 'dos belong to?

Can you spot a Posh bob a mile away? How about Jennifer Aniston's famous layers from behind? If so you might be ... wait for it ... a hairstyle stalker.

But how can you know for sure? Easy. Take this quiz, it'll tell you if you're a die-hard hair nut or completely clueless when it comes to haircuts and styles. Plus, it's totally simple, just match the famous celebrity hairstyle (detached from the star's head, don't freak out) to the woman who wore it. At the end we'll rate your hairstyle/celebrity savvy -- and don't stress, we'll also give you the answers at the end, no sleepless nights wondering whose bob that was in question 4.

So are you ready to challenge yourself? If so, scroll down a bit to the first question. Feeling a little unsure? You could head over to our hairstyle galleries or our celebrities a to z pages and start studying (cheater alert: all the looks are found on those pages). It's never too late to become a celebrity hairstyle know-it-all.

What can you do with this newly gained extensive celebrity hairstyle knowledge? The better question is, what can't you do? But seriously, here are some awesome ways this info will come in handy: 1. Anytime a friend asks what haircut she should get, you'll immediately have a perfect answer. 2. You'll rock at the beauty category playing Trivial Pursuit. (That's a category, right? It should be.) 3. You'll be able to spot the real Jessica Simpson from a sea of wannabes during your vacation in Los Angeles. Score!

by Sarah Carrillo
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