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Which Star Inspires Your Hair?

Take this quiz to see which celebrity is your separated-at-birth hair twin

OK, alternate universe time. If you were a totally famous, A-list celebrity, would you be a leading lady in the latest blockbuster or head banging to your hit single at a sold-out concert?

Not sure? Well the answer, my friend, is in a weird-but-go-with-us place: your hair. Yeah, seriously, your hairstyle shows who would be taking style cues from you -- you know, if you were the one getting hounded by the paparazzi. Of course, your makeup, attitude, friends and every day life play some role too (but, yeah, it's mostly the hair).

OK, back to this universe. Until those photographers come banging down your door, take this quiz to see which celebrities are in synch with your style, and pick up some tips to take your normal hair and makeup up to star level.

by Anna Jimenez
Which Star Inspires Your Hair?
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